Sunflower Cowboy boot

Yesterday, I finished another boot at Claudia Dinnell's "Boot"iful Bouquets class. I had so much fun and my Bernina 790 performed like a champ. My second boot was again a cowboy boot but I made a blue boot with grey trim, choosing brighter hues than I used on the first cowboy boot. The second boot has a sunflower bouquet instead of the Christmas toys.

I love the Maxi hoop which I can use on my Bernina 790 because of the large embroidery area. The entire boot was embroidered in one hooping and the sunflower bouquet only required one hooping too. The embroidery time for just the sunflower bouquet was 180 minutes. The background fabric is stabilized with Shape Flex SF101 by Pellon. Then a polymesh cutaway stabilizer was sprayed with Webbond by Mettler to adhere it to the back of the background fabric. After the background fabric was hooped, a piece of tear-away stabilizer was floated. Hooping is easier with the polymesh stabilizer since it is softer and more flexible than medium weight tear-away stabilizer. This stabilizing procedure was a new technique for me.
Sunflower Cowboy Boot

This week, I need to add borders to the finished embroidered centers. One of the best parts of these 2 quilts, all the fabric and threads were in my stash.

Christmas Cowboy Boot

What a fun day!  I took a machine embroidery class with Claudia Dinnell of Claudia's Creations.  Actually, it is a 2 day class so I get to have fun tomorrow too.  Claudia designed a new rework style design for machine embroidery call "Boot'iful Bouquets.   There are 3 boot types and 3 different bouquets to choose from, "Boot"iful Bouquets is  the ultimate pick and chose machine embroidery design. The boot types were a cowboy boot, an ice skate or a Victorian boot and the bouquets choices were toys, sunflower or instruments.  

Christmas Cowboy Boot block
I choose the cowboy boot and filled it with a christmas toy bouquet.  Currently, the block is about 15" by 20”. 
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Bernina Stitch Designer

My Bernina 790 has a very cool feature called Stitch Designer. Today, I took a class at Bernina Connection where I was able to explore a few of the Stitch Designer features. The Stitch Designer allowed me to create stitches by drawing right on the machine touch screen.
Bernina stitch designer class
Today, I learned how to alter existing stitches by adding additional elements or move stitch points to create a new stitch. I was able to write my name on the touch screen and stitch it out. The circles were also drawn on the touch screen and by removing the 9 mm restraint, I was able to stitch the circles using the Sideways Motions foot. The larger circles design is almost 2 inches wide. I was able to alter stitch #1329, a blanket stitch, to have a slanted appearance which really could be a nice edge stitch on a ribbon edge.
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Enchanted Pumpkin

I took a class with Claudia Dinnell in August and I saw the Enchanted Pumpkin pattern. I decided that stitching the Enchanted Pumpkin would be a good way to practice the multiple hooping skills I learned in the Tis the Season class. The pumpkin requires 12 separate hoopings and I chose to stitch the entire pumpkin on a solid background. Before starting the machine embroidery., I fused Pellon SF-201 interfacing to the background and then I fused Pellon fleece This is the first time I used Pellon fleece, the biggest advantage was I did not have to use any tear away stabilizer. Another first for me, I used Havel's 5 3/4" double curved appliqué scissors. Sandy, my quilting buddy, had an extra pair of the Havel scissors and graciously gave me the scissors. Previously, I have used Gingher duck billed appliqué scissors but I found the blunt rounded tips of the Havel scissors were much easier to use. I used my Bernina Maxi hoop with the Master-Hooper which stabilizes the outer hoop allowing easier alignment of the inner hoop/hoop grid. The quilt is 18" by 22".
Enchanter Pumpkin
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Tis the Season top

After much thought, I have decided not to do the machine embroidered borders on my Tis the Season quilt top. I really liked the Claudia Dinnell's Tis the Season quilt but I simply did not have an ideal spot to hang a 60" by 60" quilt. I really wanted to hang the quilt above my fireplace and the stone facing is only 50" wide. So I found a wonderful stripe fabric which I can use for the binding which I think will give a wonderful finish to the quilt. The quilt will be about 40" by 40". My quilt top was delivered to Andrea Woolsey who will do the custom machine quilting and I can't wait to get the quilt back.

Tis the Season binding
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Tis the Season - Noel unit

I was in my sewing room Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday and I now have all the blocks embroidered. I have most of the seminole piecing done too. I was anxious to sew 2 blocks together with the light grey sashing. Even though I was tired, I squared up two blocks and then sewed on the sashing. I am pleased with the fabric I chose for the sashing and really pleased with the overall look of the 2 blocks.
Noel block
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Tis the Season blocks

This week, Sandy, my quilting buddy from Henderson Nevada, came for a short visit. Sandy and I took a 2 day machine embroidery class with Claudia Dinnell held at the Bernina Connection. The class project was Claudia's beautiful Christmas redwork style quilt called Tis the Season. I am not very experienced with machine embroidery and I was excited to learn Claudia's perfect placement multi-hooping technique.

Tuesday, I stitched the Teddy Bear block which is 25 1/2" by 13 1/2" and required 3 hoopings with the Bernina Maxi hoop to complete the design.

Teddy Bear block
Wednesday, I stitched the Ornament block which is 15 1/2" by 24 1/2" and required 5 hoopings with the Bernina Maxi hoop to complete the design. What a great feeling to have all the stitched designs align perfectly which is a testament to Claudia's excellent perfect placement instructions.

Ornament block

I have 4 more blocks to embroider plus 5 word sashing blocks to embroider. I am planning to embroider at least one large block today so I can reinforce the multi-hooping techniques that I learned in class.

I would definitely recommend taking a class with Claudia Dinnell.
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Bernina Studio Rollabout

Today, my new Koala Bernina Studio Rollabout was delivered and I am so excited to have a drawer especially designed for the larger Bernina embroidery module. My local Bernina dealer, Bernina Connection, was able to order the rollabout for me. The Bernina Studio Rollabout is 32” wide, 25” deep and 29” high. I decided to get the white finish which would go with my new white Horn Super Quilter’s Dream electric lift cabinet. My Bernina 780 machine is quite a bit larger and heavier than my Bernina 630 and I decided upgrading my older Horn Quilter’s Dream cabinet was really necessary. The top drawer of the rollabout has special latches that allow the front of the drawer to lie flat so the embroidery module can easily slip in and out of the drawer.
Pictures of the rollabout and with the special top drawer open
Bernina Studio Rollabout Bernina Studio Rollabout open

My Bernina embroidery module inside the top drawer and a close up the drawer latches.
Bernina Studio Rollabout module Bernina Studio Rollabout no number
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Bernina Bonanza

I attended Bernina 830/780 Bonanza at the Bernina Connection. This was a two-day event where we worked on 2 projects. Everyone enjoyed learning embroidery pointers and winning prizes.

Friday night we made a pin cushion. We had a choice of doing embroidery or using the Bernina PaintWorks tool. I decided to make the embroidered pin cushion.
Enter your PIN

Saturday, we worked on the Melford Messenger Bag by Charlie's Aunt. A Bernina educator had adjusted the pattern so we could use some of the embroidery features on the Bernina 830 or 780. I did not finish constructing the entire bag but got an excellent start. The picture shows the embroidery I completed. The top left is the front flap, the bottom left is the front of the bag, right is back of the bag and lining fabric. Endless embroidery was used for the flap embroidery.

Purse parts
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