Solstice Dream top

I finished Solstice Dream. I added more leaves, berries, bees and caterpillar to the border.
Solstice Dream Top
The top is currently 36 1/2" by 42 1/2". I was really happy to cross off a wool appliqué wool project off my To Do List. Solstice Dream was a fun project, I learned a few new stitches and new techniques.
I am getting ready to mail the quilt top to be machine quilted.

A Lillie update. Lillie is growing and learning new things each day. She is now 5 months old, over 30 pounds and 20" at the shoulder. A few weeks ago, I was able to get a few not blurred pictures of Lillie and Molly.
LillieMolly and Lillie (1)
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Solstice Dream - Nest Building and Big Bloom

I took a week off from stitching September Fresh Cut BOM, I was able to finished blocks 9 and 10 of Solstice Dream.
Nest Building
Nest Building
I always go a bit crazy stitching drizzle stitches, I love to just pack them in.

Big Bloom
I fell in love with the colors of Morning on the Seine silken pearl which was used to stitch the cast on bullions and crested chain around the cotton appliqués on the petals.

Blocks 9 and 10Blocks 1 - 10

Just had to post latest picture of Lillie. She is getting bigger everyday. Lillie is 17 weeks old and now about 25 pounds. She is getting too big for a small dog bed but she did manage to curl up small enough to fit this morning.

Lillie on the small bed (1)
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This might be a problem

Yes, this might be a problem. I definitely think this is a problem as I do not know where this wire came from!

This might be a problem

Do you think this angelic face might be responsible for the current problem?
Angelic face

Katie and Molly vote GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!
Not guilty
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My three girls

The girls got groomed on Monday which is always a good time for a poodle photo shoot. It was not easy to get 2 poodles posed and I was thinking posing 3 poodles might be impossible. I actually got some great pictures of Katie, Molly and Lillie.
Poodle Oreo cookie
2 black poodles and 1 white poodle equals a poodle Oreo cookie!

The girls were amazingly cooperative of posing for me however Lillie did decide that she needed to climb over Molly.
Not posing

Lillie is now 15 weeks old, she seems to get bigger each day. She weighs 22 pounds and is 15 1/2" at the shoulders. Lillie is a sweet puppy and keeps Katie and Molly on their toes.

Lillie sitting
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Lillie of the Moon Valley

I have not posted for a while, web site needed a major update plus I have a new puppy.
Lillie on rug
Lillie was born on June 4, 2017 and I brought her to my home on Saturday, August 12th when Lillie was almost 10 weeks old.
Chrissy, Lillie's mother, is Molly's litter mate, so Molly and Lillie are aunt and niece. Molly had a tough time excepting Lillie as a new sister but after a 5 day snit, Molly and Lillie became friends. After 5 weeks, Molly and Lillie are now almost inseparable.

Molly and Lillie

Katie, who turned 11 years old on September 2, 2017, leaves most of the puppy sitting duties to Molly but still has accepted Lillie as a permanent member of the family.

Napping girls

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The Girls

The Girls is now quilted, bound and hanging on a wall, it always feels like quite an accomplishment to have another quilt totally finished. I selected the poodle, schnauzer and the golden retriever in honor of the breeds of dogs I have owned from Mixed Mutts, a machine embroidery pattern designed by Angie Stevenson. I refer to Katie and Molly as The Girls, so I decided to title my quilt, The Girls. Machine quilting was done by Jessica Jones Gamez. The quilt is 25 1/2" by 32 1/2".
You can see pictures of Katie and Molly my standard poodles plus pictures of my dearly departed dogs at Waiting at the Bridge.
The Girls
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Introducing Emmie, an adorable miniature poodle born September 20, 2014. I drove to La Jolla California on February 6 to pick her up and she proved an excellent car rider on the long drive back to Phoenix on Saturday, February 7. Marcie, my daughter, is thrilled to have Emmie living with her. Emmie has the sweetest personalty, she loves Marcie and both are eagerly awaiting the start of training classes at Petsmart in a few weeks. Katie and Molly enjoy having Emmie come to my house for playtime and Molly has been teaching Emmie how to patrol the wall for lizards.

Emmie downEmmie profile
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The Girls

I spent a few days with my quilting buddy working on a embroidery machine appliqué project from the pattern Mixed Mutts. The quilt top is now complete and Jessica Gamez will be doing the machine quilting. I chose the poodle, schnauzer and the golden retriever in honor of the breeds of dogs I have owned. My web page Waiting at the Bridge has pictures of my dearly departed dogs, you can also click on web pages for Katie and Molly my standard poodles. I often refer to Katie and Molly as The Girls so I chose to title my quilt, The Girls. You can see Sandy's finished quilt at

The Girls top
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This week has not been the best. 11:30 Monday night I was at the emergency room after noticing the beginnings of a rash. Yes, I have shingles and yes, I did have a shingles shot 2 years ago. Sometimes life is just not fair. I am doing much much better, I firmly believe that starting anti-viral medication so quickly has definitely ease the course of the infection. Friday afternoon I received a small package in the mail from my quilting buddy, Sandy which did wonders for lifting my spirits.
The poodle magnet Poodle Noir

I also should thank Katie and Molly for their excellent nursing care this last week. They definitely deserve some time to rest after some non-stop nursing care.

Lying together Lying together (1)

Mixed Mutts appliqué

I just got back from Henderson Nevada, I spent a few days with my quilting buddy. We decided to work on an embroidery machine appliqué project from the pattern Mixed Mutts. 10 dog are available in the pattern but I decided to do just 3 of the adorable dogs. I chose a poodle, a schnauzer and a golden retriever in honor of the breeds of dogs I have owned. My web page Waiting at the Bridge has pictures of my dearly departed dogs, you can also click on web pages for Katie and Molly my standard poodles. The pattern also includes embroidered designs for woof and paw prints which I will embroider as filler blocks after I decide the placement the 3 dog appliqué blocks on the quilt. You can see the 3 dog blocks Sandy made at
Poodle appliqueSchnauzer appliquéGolden retriever applique
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Katie and Molly

Katie and Molly are good buddies and they have really brought out the best in each other. Katie is 7 1/2 years old and Molly is 4 years old. Molly loves everyone while Katie is a bit more selective, but with Molly leading the way, Katie has become more outgoing. It is not often I am able to take a picture without either Katie or Molly deciding to move. I usually end with a picture of one poodle and one black furry blur. Katie is on the right and Molly is on the left looking much serious than she really is.

Katie and Molly together
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Bird Dance Blocks 1 - 27 and Molly

I finished stitching Bird Dance blocks 25, 26, 27. I have begun to stitch blocks 28, 29 and 30 which are the final birds. I received the border for the quilt last week which has 96 circles to stitch along a vine. Just cutting 96 1" circles seems overwhelming.

Bird Dance blocks 1 - 27

I continue to get my house organized after my remodel. Molly had the difficult job of testing out my new sectional. We all should have such a difficult life.
Molly on sectionalMolly sleeping on the couch
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Waiting for a treat

My quilting buddy, Sandy, came to Phoenix to take some classes at Quilting in the Desert. She took this picture of the girls waiting, oh so patiently, for a piece of pizza crust. Pizza crust is the only thing that they all beg for.

Waiting for a treat

Happy Birthday Katie

Katie, my standard poodle, is now 4 years old. Katie has now become quite the expert in counter surfing and basket trashing. Katie is continuing the proud tradition of guarding the house and keeping all dragons and dinosaurs from the backyard.

Katie was born 9/2/2006
Happy birthday Katie

Introducing Molly

Good Golly Miss Molly
Molly is a standard poodle born April 7, 2010. She will be learning all the rules of the house from Katie and Bailey. Katie hopes Molly will be up to the task of guarding the house and keeping all dragons and dinosaurs from the backyard.
Molly first day
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