Waiting at the Bridge

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Enchanting Jennifer
Jeffie, my first miniature poodle, was my constant companion. She enjoyed chasing cats out of the yard. Picture is Jeffie and Marcie taken in 1975. Jeffie was born February 28, 1969 and died May 10, 1984.
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Marcie's Princess Aimee
Aimee, a beautiful platinum miniature Schnauzer, was gone way to soon from our lives. She was just so endearingly sweet and lovable. Aimee managed to hold her own with both Cheri and Kayee, her poodle sisters. Aimee was born April 13, 1987 and died October 15, 1988.
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Cheri - Queen of Hearts
Cheri was my mischievous miniature poodle but to know her was to love her. Cheri started the proud tradition of guarding the house and keeping all dragons and dinosaurs from the backyard. Cheri is on the right and Kaycee is on the left. Cheri was born February 7, 1984 and died September 22, 1997.
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The Kase of the Missing Ebony
Kaycee was just the sweetest miniature Poodle. She let Cheri do all the guarding until it was her turn to take over. Kaycee taught Lacee all the finer points of holding down the carpet in the sewing room. Picture is Kaycee at 3 months old. Kaycee was born July 13, 1988 and died March 11, 2003.
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Chantilly Lace
Lacee, a miniature Schnauzer, could usually be found holding down the carpet in the sewing room while I was sewing. Lacee and Bailey were the best of friends. Lacee came to live in 1998 with me when her owner died. Lacee was born January 3, 1993 and died October 20, 2006
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Bailey, was my sister’s Golden Retriever. After Lucie died in 2010, Bailey came to live with me. Bailey was sweet, patient and a faithful companion. There is short video of Bailey counting on my Blog. Bailey was born July 21, 2000 and died March 27, 2012.