Small Wall Hangings

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Stars Across Arizona
This was the project with Sue Nickels at Quilt Camp in the Pines, July 2005. The background is a pieced trip around the world and the stars are machine appliqued using Sue’s technique. Machine quilted on a longarm by Cynthia Smith. Finished quilt size is 36” by 36”.
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Heart of my Heart
The buttonhole applique was done by hand. I finished it June 2004. Machine quilted on a longarm by Cynthia Smith. The quilt was designed by Janie Coscarelli. Finished quilt size is 32” by 32”.
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Stain Glass Iris
Pam Holland taught her stain glass quilt technique at Quilt Camp in the Pines, July 2004. I used the Victorian Style Stain Glass Iris pattern by Katie Lane Quilts for inspiration. I machine quilted this quilt using the BSR with my Bernina 630. Finished quilt size is 25.5” by 27”.
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Crystal Star
I took a class with Karen Combs at Quilting in the Desert, January 2007. I appliqued the cube onto the background using Sharon Schamber’s piecelique method. I quilted this with metalic thread. The top is 32” by 29”.
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Fantasy Flower
I took a class with Jennie Rayment at Quilt Camp in the Pines, July 2007. The class was learning how to twitch, twiddle and tweak. Fabric manipulation with Jennie was fun and inspiring. The colors did not photograph very well, the background is dark purple and the flower petals are a pink, orange, purple. Finished quilt size is 26.5” by 26.5”.
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Cosmic Happening
I was lucky enough to take another class with Jennie Rayment sponsored by the Desert Quilters of Nevada in February, 2010. Sandy, my quilting buddy, lives in Henderson Nevada so I had a wonderful 4 day trip to see Sandy and take a class with Jennie. Quilt finished August, 2010. The top was quilted on a longarm by Jessica Jones Gamez. Finished size is 21 1/2” by 36”.
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Magenta Convergence
My guild had a crayon challenge, my crayon color was magenta. This is the quilt that will be my challenge entry. The quilt was inspired by Convergence by Ricky Tims. Machine Quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez. The quilt top is approximately 28” by 31 1/2”.

This quilt was donated to Quilts for a Cause in 2013.
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Embellished Flower basket
The center machine applique wall was designed by Sue Nickels and Pat Holly. I began this during a class with Sue at Quilting in the Desert, January 2008. I embellished the applique with buttons. The left and top borders have sewn in tucks. The right and bottom borders are skinny piecing which I learned from Karen Fisher (Tucson AZ). The quilt is approximately 30” by 35”.
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Lucie I am so blue without you
Hand embroidered and buttonhole appliqué quilt top. Quilt started in November 2009 during Lucie’s last fight with lymphoma and finished in August 2011. Quilt designed by Betty Alderman. Machine quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez. Finished quilt is 37” by 37”.

In loving memory of my sister, Lucie Protz
June 25, 1943 - January 10, 2010.
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Fuchsia Cross Stitch
Linen tablecloth was hand embroidered by Phyllis Still Wason circa 1958 in Buffalo, New York. It was rather sad to have this vintage tea cloth languishing unused in my linen closet. I decided to have the table cloth machine quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez in 2013. The quilt is approximately 32" by 32".
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Lucie's Heart Quilt
I found a quilt top sewn by Lucie circa 1988. Lucie had pieced the entire log cabin heart but the tulip appliqué was not done. I machine appliquéd the tulips using fabric from my stash. The logs are 3/4" wide. The quilt is from the book Holiday Happenings by Christal Carter. Machine quilted by Jessica Gamez. The finished size of the quilt is 36" by 36".
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With Love
I machine appliquéd this quilt in 2012. the quilt was designed by Jeri Kelly. The finished size of the quilt is 14 1/2“ by 14 1/2“.
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Purple Daisy
Linen tablecloth hand embroidered by Phyllis Stell Wason circa 1959 in Buffalo, New York. The tablecloth was machine quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez in 2013. The quilt is approximately 42” by 42”.
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Ellie the Elephant designed by Barbara Jones of b j designs. Machine quilting by Jessica Jones Gamez. I gave Ellie to Marcie, my daughter. The quilt is 35’ by 35”. Complete 2014.
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Strolling at Lake Havasu
Paper piecing pattern designed by Linda Hibbert of Silver Linings Originals. Machine quilting by Jessica Jones Gamez. The quilt is 16’ by 36”. Complete May 2015.
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Arizona Centennial Kaleidoscope
The kaleidoscope blocks were constructed using the Stack-n-Whack 45 degree Triangle tool designed by Bethany Reynolds and the Arizona Centennial fabric designed by Jason Yenter of In the Beginning fabric. I have donate this quilt to Quilt for a Cause which auctions and sells handmade quilts and quilt patterns to support breast and gynecological cancer research.The quilt was completed May 2015 and is 29" by 41".
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The Girls
I titled this quilt The Girls because I refer to Katie and Molly, my standard poodles, as the girls. I selected the poodle, schnauzer and the golden retriever in honor of the breeds of dogs I have owned from Mixed Mutts, a machine embroidery pattern designed by Angie Stevenson. Machine quilting was done by Jessica Jones Gamez. The quilt is 25 1/2" by 32 1/2".
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Rhonda, the rhinoceros, was designed by Barbara Jones of bjdesigns. Jessica Jones Gamez did the beautiful custom machine quilting. The quilt is 27 1/2" by 39 1/2".