Wool Applique

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Summer's Garden Pin Cushion
Wool applique pin cushion completed August 2011. Designed by Bird Brain Designs. Pin Cushion is filled with crushed walnut shell and is 5” by 8”.
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19 Cents Scrappy Penny Mat
Wool applique penny mat completed September 2011. Designed by Lisa Bongean and Julie Feidt. Penny mat is on a Niagara antique oak ice box by Heinz & Munschauer of Buffalo, New York. Treasure chest was made by my dad, Bernard Stell, of Buffalo New York circa 1935. Glass milk bottles are from Engl’s Wyoming Guernsey Dairy in New York and Amador Goat Dairy Glendale Arizona
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Around the Pumpkin Patch
Wool applique table mat completed September 2011. Designed by Cathy Skow. The table mat is approximately 20” in diameter.
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Christmas ornaments
Wool appliqué ornaments completed September 2011. Reindeer designed by by Robin Kingsley of Bird Brain Designs. Noel and joy ornaments designed by Lisa Bongean.
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Wool Sampler Quilt
Quilt blocks are 11 inches and applique with the buttonhole stitch done by hand. Machine quilted by Andrea Woolsey. Quilt was is 48” by 57’ and was finished in 2012.
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African Tulip Tote
The African Tulip tote was designed by Sue Spargo and is 21" wide, 16" in length and 5" deep. Valdani pearl cotton, Thread Gathers silken pearl, silken chenille, and sea grass are some of the embellishing threads I used on embellished wool appliqué. Completed in 2014
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Circle Pillow
Pillow top has sixteen 2 inch wool embellished circles. Sue Spargo's book, Creative Stitching was an excellent resource for embellishing the circles. I started the wool appliqué in June 2013 and I had the pillow professionally finished in 2014.
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Bird Dance
Bird Dance was designed by Sue Spargo for her 2013 BOM. Machine quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez. Finished size is 37 1/2" by 43 1/2”. Quilt completed November 2014
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Summer Blooms Bag
Summer Blooms bag was designed by Sue Spargo and is 12" by 9". Front of bag is pictured. Both sides of the bag are posted on my blog entry dated January 5, 2015.
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In Full Bloom
In Full Bloom was designed by Sue Spargo for her 2014 BOM. Machine quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez. Finished size is 36” by 43 1/2”. Completed July 2015
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Sewing Through the Seasons
Christmas Goose Quilt Shop in Las Vegas Nevada designed an adorable wool appliqué for the 2015 Row by Row Experience. The Christmas tree is decorated with tiny red ornaments made with cast on bullion stitches. The quilt is 36 1/2" by 9 3/4". Completed August 2015.
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Spring Garden Visitor
This wool appliqué features 3 dimensionally stitched flowers and bunny. Spring Garden Visitor was designed by Kathy J. Gaul of Meetinghouse Hill Designs. The beautiful butterfly and dragonfly porcelain buttons were hand painted by Cindy Webb of Gold Seal Products. The wool appliqué is 14" by 23", with the frame the piece measures 20" by 29". Completed September 2015
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Marcie's Bunny and Birds
Wool appliqué designed by Bonnie Sullivan. Beautiful machine quilting was done by Jessica Jones Gamez. Quilt is 31” by 37”. Quilt completed May 2016