Arizona Commemorative Quilt

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Arizona Commemorative Quilt Front
The front design depicts the state with more than 60 geographical images appliquéd over hand-dyed fabric. “Arizona 1912 – 2012” is appliquéd on a background of blue sky. The lower left shows over 50 Arizona flowers sewn into a lush garden. The right side gives a full range of elevation changes with flora and fauna on each scene. The detail quilting by Gina Perkes uses 30 different colors of thread to enhance each image.
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Arizona Commemorative Quilt Back
The back design tells it own story with significant images such as the state flag, great seal, saguaro, palo verde tree, cactus wren, butterfly, ringtail cat, and even a bolo tie. The names of the governors, historical figures, and volunteers are shown in frames. Quilting was done by Susan Vassallo, adding painterly qualities to enhance several quilted images.
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Arizona Commemorative Quilt: The Flag
I was honored to participate in the creation of the Arizona Commemorative Quilt. I pieced the Arizona flag on the back of the quilt. The flag is approximately 25” by 47”.