New York Garden Trellis

What to do with all the blue and yellow fabrics after making a traditional kaleidoscope king size quilt in 2013. The quilt has 144 7” blocks using over 50 different blue and yellow fabrics so I really had a lot of fabric left over.

Pam, my cousin who lives near Batavia New York, lives in a house built circa 1840. In 2015, she finally did a full remodel of the second floor so she now has beautiful new master bedroom with new closets, windows, flooring and the room is painted a lovely yellow with white baseboards. Yes, a blue and yellow quilt would be just the what this room needs.

New York Garden Trellis has 195 4 1/2" blocks sashed with white on white fabric with blue cornerstones. I did have to buy more fabric for the back but the rest of the fabric did come from my stash. The finished quilt is 82" x 92" and was machine quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez. I used Quilter's Dream Wool batting which is now my favorite batting to use in bed quilt. I love that Quilter's Dream Wool batt can washed and dried in a dryer.

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